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New Supplier Account Request

Use these forms to setup a new or reactivate an existing vendor (supplier) account in FIS. For more information on vendor accounts in FIS, see Vendor Master Record Management.

Supplier Request Form


  1. Perform a vendor search to ensure there is no existing vendor account in FIS.
  2. Complete the Supplier Account Request form.
  3. Attach an invoice, quote or written agreement.
  4. If the supplier operates in Canada, ensure the GST/HST number is indicated on the form. To expedite setup, use the CRA’s online registry to validate the suppliers registration (watch a video).
  5. If applicable, attach additional documentation.
    • If a Canadian supplier does not have a GST/HST number and meets the requirements for small supplier status, a signed Small Supplier Certification pdf-icon form must accompany this request.
    • If the supplier is a sole proprietor (i.e. a consultant or independent contractor), a signed Sole Proprietor Compliance Statement pdf-icon must be attached to this request. For more information on consultants and independent contractors, see Consulting Services.
  6. Send all documentation to purchasing.help@utoronto.ca* with SUPPLIER ACCOUNT included in the subject line (e.g. “SUPPLIER ACCOUNT for XYZ Catering”).

*Departments at UTSC must send completed form to their procurement campus contact.