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Other Collaborative Entities

As a Broader Public Sector (BPS) organization, the University can take advantage of additional collaborative arrangements through the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) or the Ontario Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD).

If a product or service cannot be provided by an existing Approved Supplier, departments are encouraged to search the offerings available from OECM and MPBSD.


Requesting department searches OECM and/or MPBSD.
Requesting department emails Procurement Services, noting the category and webpage URL.
Procurement Services reviews contract details to ensure the requesting department’s requirements are in scope.
Procurement Services creates the Client Service Agreement(s).
Depending on the total estimated value, the Requesting Department issues an invitational procurement (less than $100,000), or Procurement Services issues an open competitive tender (greater than $100,000).