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University of Toronto Procurement Policy

The University of Toronto’s Procurement Policy applies to the procurement of goods, services, construction and renovation work (whether by purchase, lease or rental) and includes the Code of Ethics and Approval Authority Schedule. It applies to all funding sources including operating, research, capital, ancillary and funds held in trust. All policies are established by the Governing Council of the University of Toronto.

Ongoing operation of this policy is delegated to the University of Toronto administration as follows:

  • The delegated authority to conduct invitational competitive procurement (obtaining a minimum of 3 written supplier quotations) to Faculties and Divisions for purchases at $25,000, but not exceeding $100,000;
  • The issuance of open competitive procurement tender calls (at or greater than $100,000) to Procurement Services unless formally delegated to Divisions or other Campuses.

In addition to applicable procurement legislation and regulation, the University is also bound by requirements of funding agencies, to the extent that those requirements comply with applicable procurement legislation and regulation.

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Additional policies important for procurement: