Supplier Directory

U of T Approved Suppliers are listed below in the Supplier Directory. The University community is strongly encouraged to purchase goods and services from Approved Suppliers. For more information, see U of T Supplier Network.

Approved supplier pages provide:

  • Description of products and services
  • Supplier website and contact information (e.g. account reps, customer service)
  • Ordering methods and number of quotes required, based on dollar thresholds
  • User Guides, Quote Templates, and Pricing Guides (where applicable)

Contract Approved Suppliers Product and Services
Agency of Record – Marketing, Media Planning and Buying Services

McCann Worldgroup Canada

Marketing, Media Planning and Buying Services

Athletic Apparel and Accessories


Embroidery, Silk Screening, Under Armour Athletic Apparel

Audio & Visual System Solutions

Applied Electronics, Diversified, Duplicom Business Products, Genesis Integration, Global Unified Solution Services

A/V equipment and installation

Campus Signage

Marvel Sign & Display, Presentation Plus Creative Services, S2K Envirographics, Spectra Advertising, Steel Art Signs, WSI Sign Systems

Banners, Building and Donor Identification, Ground Signage, Wall Signage, Wall Signs

Car Rentals

Avis, Budget, Discount, Enterprise, National

Car, Truck and Van Rentals

Cell Phones

Bell Canada

Cell Phones and Corporate Plans

Commercial Printing Services

Dollco, Mi5, Transcontinental

Commercial Printing, Finishing and Binding Services, Marketing and Mail Services

Computers – Apple

CDW Canada, CompuCom, Data Integrity, Insight, Jump Plus

Apple Desktops and Notebooks, Apple TV, AppleCare, Data Storage Products, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Monitors, Servers, Speakers, Thunderbolt Adapter

Computers, Peripheral Devices and Related Services

CDW Canada, CompuCom, Compugen, Dell

Chromebooks, Data Storage Products, Dell Products, Hewlett Packard (HP) Products, Laptops, Lenovo Products, Monitors, Printers, Projectors, Speakers

Courier Services

UPS Canada Ltd

Domestic and International courier services

Custodial Equipment and Supplies

Bunzl, Flexo, Swish Maintenance Ltd

Cleaning Chemicals and Hardware, Dispensers, Floor Pads, Garbage Bags, Gloves, Safety Products

Customs Brokerage Services

Thompson Ahern

Customs Brokerage Services

Dental Supplies

BioNuclear Diagnostics, Brasseler Canada, Dentsply Sirona, Henry Schein, MedicalMart

Dental Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

Design Services

AdHome Creative, doug&partners, Hambly and Woolley, Jacknife, Scott Thornley and Company

Design Services for Print and Web

Drupal Website Development and Maintenance Services

Coldfront Labs, Digital Echidna, Foster Interactive, Open Concept,

Web Design & Maintenance Services

Event Staging Services

Admiral Live, AV-Canada, Bespoke Audio Visual, Fifth Element Group, PSI (Production Services Industries), Quest Audio Visual

Event staging equipment and technical services

Facilities Condition Assessment Services

Cion Coulter, FCAPX, Nadine International Inc.

Facilities Condition Assessment Services

Fine Copy Paper

Grand & Toy, Staples Advantage

Fine Copy Paper

General Hand Tools, Maintenance and Safety Products


Coolants & Fluids, Fasteners, Fleet Maintenance, Lubricants, Machinery, Metalworking, Outdoor Products & Equipment, Painting & Supplies, Pneumatics/Hydraulics, Power Transmission and Tools, Safety and Security products, Safety Products, Welding and Raw Materials



Domestic and International Hotel Accommodations

IT Professional Services

AT Consulting & Recruiting, Bell Canada, Execute Strategy, FlexITy Solutions, Green PI, iVedha, Levio, Millenium Consulting, Procom, Tech Mahindra

Audit and Compliance, Business Intelligence, Cloud Migration, Data Management, Infrastructure Services, IT Disaster Recovery, Quality Assurance and Testing, System Integration

IT Technical Support Services

Calian, eagle, PlanIT, Randstad, S.I. Systems, Step By Step Professional Services, Tundra, Ward Technology Talent

Staffing for IT Technical Support

Lab Equipment & Supplies

ACP Chemicals, BioRad, Canadawide Scientific, Cedarlane, Eppendorf, ESBE Scientific, Fisher Scientific, FroggaBio, Mandel, Maple Lab Systems, New England BioLabs, Qiagen, Sigma-Aldrich, Testforce, UltiDent Scientific, VWR

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Laboratory Gases


Compressed Gases, Helium

Marketing and Promotional Products


Embroidery, Engraving, Etching, Image Transfer, Silk Screening

Moving Services

AMJ Campbell, Armstrong Moving

Household and Commercial Moving Services

Multi-Function Devices and Related Services

4 Office Automation, Printers Plus, Ricoh, Sharp Electronics, Xerox

Production Photocopiers and Multi-Function Devices

Networking Products

Access 2 Networks, Bell Canada, CDW Canada, Combat Networks, Compugen, Dell, Long View, OnX Enterprise Solutions, SoftChoice, Teramach

Access Point Products, Arista, Cisco, HPE Aruba, Hybrid Networking Products, Installation Services, Network Design and Planning, Palo Alto, Routers, Security Products, Silverpeak, Switches, Wireless LAN Controllers

Office Space Furniture

Beattie, Brant Basics, Brezach, CTI, Grand & Toy, Hamster, Hollend, Patrick Cassidy, Staples Advantage, Workplace Resource

Casegood Furniture, Installation Services, Lounge Furniture, Lunchroom Furniture, Modular Soft Seating, Moveable Wall Furniture, Task Seating

Office Supplies

Grand & Toy, Staples Advantage

Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies, Desktop Computers, Furniture, Laptops, Printers, Stationary and other Office Products, Toner and Ink Cartridges

Plumbing Products

Marks Supply, Next Plumbing, Noble

Plumbing Products

Print Products and Related Services

Brown Book, McLaren Press Graphics, Xerox

Commercial Printing, Direct Mail Services, Finishing and Binding Services, Scanning

Printing Services – Viewbooks

Lowe-Martin, St. Joseph Communications, Thistle Printing

Admissions Materials, Brochures, Commercial Printing, Viewbooks

Residence Furniture and Mattresses

D & E Wood Industries, Foliot Furniture, POI Business Interiors, Sleepking Crown Design, Springwall Sleep Products

Beds (with or without drawers), Coffee tables and Wardrobes, Dining chairs and tables, Side chairs, Sofas, Dresser units, Study desks with hutches

Slate Software Project Services

Kennedy and Company

Implementation and configuration of Slate cloud-based software

Software License Products

CDW Canada, SoftChoice

Adobe, Microsoft, and other software products

Toner Cartridges

Powerland, Printers Plus, QRX Technology, Staples Advantage

Toner and Ink Cartridges

Train Travel

Union Pearson Express, Via Rail Canada

Train Travel

Translation, Interpretation and American Sign Language (ASL) Services

911 Interpreters, Canadian Hearing Services, Multilingual Community Interperter Services

American Sign Language, Interpretation, Translation

Workwear Products and Related Services

Mark's Commercial, Staples Advantage

Workwear products and related services