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Toner Cartridges

The Approved Suppliers listed below have entered into an agreement with the University of Toronto to supply toner cartridges and related services.

These contracts are valid until July 20, 2024.

Products and services include but are not limited to:

  • OEM and re-manufactured products for various printer brands and models
  • Bio-toner products, maintenance kits, image kits, drum kits and fuser kits
  • No-Charge Recycling Program
  • Customer and Technical Support

Pricing Guide

A Pricing Guide can be used to determine ceiling (i.e. maximum) rates from each supplier as provided in the Master Agreement. However departments can request and negotiate a better discounted price for individual assignments.

Pricing Guide

How to Order

Ordering & Payment Methods
$0 – $9,999.99
  • uSOURCE (for system-enabled suppliers)
  • PCard, Certified Invoice, FIS Purchase Order
$10,000 – $99,999.99
  • uSOURCE (for system-enabled suppliers)
  • FIS Purchase Order
$100,000 + Contact Procurement Services
* Dollar thresholds are exclusive of taxes

Approved Suppliers

Supplier Contact Information
Powerland Computers Ltd. Wayne Leblanc
Senior Account Executive
(416) 522-1581

PrintersPlus Ltd. Kent Mercer

QRX Technology Group Nelson Au
Account Manager
(905) 738-1688 x3308

Staples Business Advantage St. George Campus
Yash Lodhiya
(647) 216-3656