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Non-Competitive Procurement

At the University of Toronto, competitive procurement for goods and services is a shared responsibility based on type, dollar threshold, documentation and authority. Obtaining supplier quotations or issuing an open tender call is required to allow suppliers in the marketplace a fair and transparent opportunity to supply the University with the goods and services needed for business purposes.

Procurement Policy Exemptions

There may be circumstances where competition is not possible (e.g. there is only one supplier in the market) in which case, a Procurement Policy Exemptions Justification (PPEJ form) must be completed, and depending on campus and dollar value, sent to Procurement Services for review. The PPEJ form should be completed with the appropriate level of detail to support the non-competitive procurement decision (and the selected exemption provision), as it will be referred to in the event of an internal audit review or a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

A Procurement Policy Exemption Justification (PPEJ) form is required if competitive quotations are not possible when the total value exceeds $10,000.

For purchases where the total estimated value is between $10,000 and $50,000, the form should be retained by the local unit for audit purposes. If the purchase exceeds $50,000, this form must be completed, authorized and reviewed by Procurement Services prior to making a commitment to the recommended supplier.

The Director, Procurement Services, must support Procurement Policy Exemptions greater than $50,000.

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Public Disclosure Requirements

Trade Agreements require that if a Limited Tendering exception is used, the conditions and circumstances that justified its use be published and reported as follows:

  1. Contract award and value will be published on the Procurement Services website within 72 days of contract signing; and
  2. Contract awards and values will be reported to the Province of Ontario on an annual basis. This report will be prepared by Procurement Services on behalf of the University