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Invitation to Quote – Standard Operating Procedure


This Standard Operating Procedure identifies the process for obtaining identical written supplier quotations for the purchase of both goods and services greater than $25,000 and less than $100,000i. A minimum of 3 (three) supplier quotations are required under the University’s Procurement Policy.

There are 2 templates that can be used to invite suppliers to provide a quote:

  1. Invitation to Quote – Goods
  2. Invitation to Quote – Services

It is recommended that the Requesting Department issue more than 3 invitations to different suppliers to ensue receipt of the minimum number of required responses from which to make an informed purchasing decision.

When determining the total cost of the intended purchase, it is important to include annual maintenance fees, warranties and/or goods and/or services that may be required over a period of time. For CFI funded projects, an informative checklist is available to assist with developing a comprehensive quote request.

The University is required to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and Suppliers should be encouraged to quote on goods, services or facilities that can be accessed by anyone with an accessibility requirement. For more information see the Ontario Accessibility Rules for Procurement and the University of Toronto AODA Office.


Supplier Invitation to Quote: Method used by internal University community to obtain pricing for acquisitions of goods and/or services under $100,000.00.

Requesting Department: Department who has identified a purchasing need and is requesting a supplier quote.


Step 1 Download the Supplier Invitation to Quote form for either Goods or Services. Review the General Instructions and Conditions which must be adhered to by both the Supplier and the Requesting Department.
Step 2
Complete the University of Toronto Requesting Department fields with the Department Contact Information, Issued Date and Respond By Date.
Step 3 Complete the Product Requirement(s) fields with all the necessary Goods and/or Services to be purchased. Where a brand name is specified, add “or equivalent” in the Item Description field.
Step 4
Complete the form and email one to each selected Supplier noting the Respond By Date by which their response is to be submitted.
Step 5
After the Respond By Date has passed, review all received quotations and makes the purchasing decision.
Step 6
After the closing date and time, the Requesting Department may review all received Supplier Quote Solicitations. It is important to note the acknowledgement section must be completed by the supplier to confirm they understand and comply with the specified General Instructions and Conditions.
Step 7
The Requesting Department determines whether to accept one of the quotations and place an order with the selected supplierii. The Requesting Department is not obligated to make a purchase resulting from any quotation solicitation.
Step 8
If making a purchase, the Requesting Department must create a Purchase Order in FIS, and attach to the PO all received supplier quotations (including all “No Quotation” responses).

The Purchase Order will be reviewed by Procurement Services, and when released the Requesting Department will receive an email with a PDF copy of the Purchase Order.

Note: For departments at U of T Mississauga and U of T Scarborough, a Purchase Requisition must be created in FIS, and documentation forwarded to your respective procurement campus contact for review and Purchase Order issuance.

Step 9
The Requesting Department sends the Purchase Order to the selected supplier to give effect to the purchase.

i The Supplier Quote Solicitation form may also be used for purchases less than $25,000.

ii If the supplier providing the lowest price is not selected, the end user should provide a rationale (e.g. could not meet the specified delivery date).