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Invitation to Quote under $100,000 – Standard Operating Procedure

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) provides instructions on how to obtain identical written supplier quotations, ensuring the procurement process is fair, open, and transparent. Under the University’s Procurement Policy a minimum number of supplier quotations are required for purchases of goods and services:

  • 2 quotes between $10,000 – $49,999
  • 3 quotes between $50,000 – $99,999

Determining Total Procurement Value

When determining the total cost of the intended purchase, it is important to include annual maintenance fees, warranties and/or goods and/or services that may be required over a period of time. For CFI funded projects, an informative checklist is available to assist with developing a comprehensive quote request.

Invitation to Quote Templates


Download the appropriate template (Goods, Services, or CFI).
Complete the Timetable (Issued On and Respond By dates), and the Requesting Department contact information. Complete the Product/Service requirements with all the necessary goods and/or services to be purchased.
Email an identical copy to each supplier, noting in the email the Respond By date.
After the Respond By date, review all received quotations, including the supplier Acknowledgement; this section must be completed and signed by the supplier to confirm they understand and comply with the specified General Instructions and Conditions. Determine whether to accept one of the quotations and place an order with the selected supplier.


  • Keep on file any “no quotation” responses from suppliers who decline to quote. Make sure the reason for the decline is included.
  • There is no obligation to make a purchase resulting from any quotation solicitation.
Preference must be given to Ontario businesses during the evaluation phase in accordance with Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act (BOBIA):

  1. If a non-Ontario business is invited to bid a 10% preference must be applied during the evaluation phase
  2. If at the end of the procurement process an award is made to a non-Ontario business, a Non-Ontario Business Justification Form (NOBJ) must be completed
If making a purchase:

Create a Purchase Order in FIS, attaching all received supplier quotations (including any “no quotation” responses). If the Purchase Order is greater than $50,000*, it will be reviewed by Procurement Services before being released.

* UTM and UTSC may have different review thresholds.

Send a copy of the Purchase Order to the selected supplier.