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How to Purchase Goods and Services

To reduce the administrative effort when purchasing standard goods or services, contracts have been negotiated with University of Toronto Approved Suppliers. To place an order, see the list of Approved Suppliers.

If the good or non-consulting service* cannot be purchased from an Approved Supplier, the thresholds below determine the acquisition method and associated administrative process.

* For Consulting, see Consulting Services.

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Under $5,000

Purchases in this category include any good or service from a single supplier required for University business.

Options in order of preference are:

$5,000 to $24,999

Informal Procurement

Purchases in this category typically involve straightforward acquisitions of goods or services, but which may also involve specific requirements for delivery, warranties, or specific terms and conditions requiring negotiation.

A minimum of two written (recommended) or verbal quotations (documented) are required and kept on file by the unit. For templates, see Invitation to Quote – Goods and Invitation to Quote – Services.

Options in order of preference are:

$25,000 to $99,999

Invitational Procurement

Purchases in this category are considered high value, and require an invitational procurement process based on a minimum of three written quotations (see the Invitation to Quote Standard Operating Procedure).

Upon supplier selection, the unit creates a purchase requisition in FIS and forwards all documentation to Procurement Services for review and Purchase Order issuance.

Note: If the supplier of the product or service is available through uSOURCE, orders may be placed directly without additional documentation.


Open Procurement

To be compliant with internal and external regulatory frameworks, purchases in this category must be publicly tendered in a competitive bid process.

Procurements of this value must be referred to Procurement Services: