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Purchasing Card

The University of Toronto Purchasing Card (PCard) provides a cost-efficient method of procuring and paying for low value goods and services which are not available through uSOURCE. Using the PCard simplifies the purchasing process, reduces paperwork, and expedites supplier payment.

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Apply for a PCard

  1. Download the PCard Request form
  2. Complete form and acquire authorization signatures
  3. Send completed form to your Campus Card Coordinator
  4. Purchasing Card will be mailed directly from the bank to the department in 5-10 business days

Note: An individual may have more than one PCard assigned provided each card is linked to a different default account group.

Changes to a PCard

  1. Download PCard Request Change form
  2. Complete form and obtain authorization signatures
  3. Send completed form to your Campus Card Coordinator
  4. Changes are effective within 48 hours upon receipt of the form

BMO Spend Dynamics®

With Spend Dynamics®, cardholders can access their account activity and download statements through the BMO portal. In addition, Department Card Coordinators (DCCs) can run reports on their cardholders’ activity.

Prohibited Merchant Categories

The PCard cannot be used for:

  • Non-University use (i.e. personal or private use)
  • Business Travel (use instead Travel and Hospitality Card)
    • Transportation expenses (e.g. airline, rail, bus, car rentals and other transportation)
    • Accommodation and lodging expenses (e.g. hotel, motel and other accommodation)
    • Food and beverage expenses (e.g. restaurants, fast food outlets, food and beverage dispensers, and all other food and beverage purchases)
  • Cash Advances
  • Financial instruments of any kind such as money orders or bank drafts
  • Temporary help
  • Purchases in excess of $5,000 including taxes, currency exchange, and all other charges
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Laboratory and research animals
  • Radioactive and hazardous material (see Purchasing Restricted Substances)
  • Extended rentals or leasing of equipment
  • Internal University purchases such as Facilities and Services work orders, computing services etc. The exception is the MedStore, which can accept the Purchasing Card.

PCard Declined Charges

Merchant Category Blocks

If a particular charge is declined, refer to the following steps:

  1. Is the purchase a prohibited merchant category? For example, the PCard cannot be used for travel related expenses. If it is not a prohibited merchant category, proceed to Step #2.
  2. Contact Bank of Montreal MasterCard customer service immediately at 1-800-263-2263 to acquire the appropriate Merchant Category Code.
  3. Download the PCard Block Lift Request form.
  4. Complete the form including required signature from your Department Card Coordinator (DCC) and the Department Chair or equivalent.
  5. Send completed form to purchasing.help@utoronto.ca.

Block lifts will be completed within 3 days of request submission. For emergency transactions, consider alternate payment options such as:

  • By invoice
  • Imprest expenditure bank account
  • Personal payment with expense reimbursement request

Over Credit Limit

Occurs when monthly spending exceeds the credit limit on the PCard. Solutions include increasing the monthly credit limit using a PCard Change Request form or finding an alternative purchasing method.

Other Problems

Pending Transaction Because of Missing Information

Occurs when ordering online and there are discrepancies with cardholder information. The shipping address must be the same address on the PCard application and the phone number must be 289-305-5877 (default for all U of T PCards).

FIS Default Error

Occurs if FIS/Default account numbers are mistakenly entered, accounts are NSF, or an account change has not been updated.

  1. If your PCard transactions are being posted to incorrect FIS accounts, contact Procurement Services at purchasing.help@utoronto.ca.
  2. If your account has changed, submit a PCard Change Request form  to your Campus Card Coordinator.
  3. If your FIS account is out of funds, contact Financial Services at 416-978-2800.

Lost/Stolen Cards and Charge Disputes

To report a lost or stolen PCard or to dispute a particular transaction, contact the Bank of Montreal at 1-800-263-2263.

Statements and Reports

The following statements and reports are currently mailed to departments:

Cardholder Monthly Statement (Cardholder)
Similar to a credit card statement and used to reconcile vouchers, packing slips and to provide an audit trail.

Billing Summary Report (Departmental Card Coordinator)
The Billing Summary Report summarizes all departmental cardholder statements into one departmental summary.


Internal Audit plans include a review of the use of PCards to determine whether they are being used in accordance with PCard Policy. In addition, the Director of Procurement Services or delegate may conduct random audits to determine whether administrative policy objectives and regulations have been met.