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Cancel an Order

To cancel a line item that has not been delivered , first contact the Supplier to cancel the item in their system.

If the item has been delivered, you’ll need to follow the return process instead (see Return an Order, or Return an Order ($5,000+).

Next, notify the uSOURCE Help Desk using a PO Comment:

  1. Open the Purchase Order: in the Quick Search field, enter the PO number, click on the search icon, then click the PO link.
  2. Click on the Comments tab, then the + icon to create a new comment.
  3. Add the uSOURCE Help Desk email address to the comment by clicking Add Recipient.
  4. A User Search window will appear. In the User Name field, enter uSOURCE, click Search.
  5. Click the + icon under Action.
  6. In the text area, enter the nature of the request (1), then to finish, click the checkmark icon (2).

The comment will be added to the PO, and a notification will be sent to the uSOURCE Help Desk to process your request.

Last Updated:  August 11, 2023