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How and when should I contact a uSOURCE Supplier?

Sometimes you’ll need to contact the Supplier about your order. You might ask the Supplier to:

  • Provide the delivery status of an order
  • Arrange for a product return or replacement
  • Cancel an order
  • Report a missing item (short shipment)
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with their punch-out catalogue
  • Submit an invoice

There are a number of ways to find Supplier contact information:

From the Shopping Homepage

  1. If you’re on the Shopping Homepage, click on the supplier sticker, then on the blue info icon :
  2. A pop-up window will appear with Customer Service contact information for this supplier.

From an Order Document

You can also access the Customer Service pop-up from an order document such as the Requisition or Purchase Order. Just click on the more info link next to the supplier name:

From the Procurement Services website

  1. On the top right of any page on the Procurement Services website, just type the name of the Supplier in the search field and click Search.
  2. Next, click on the appropriate category. In this example, we want Grand and Toy – Office Supplies.
  3. You’ll find the the contact information the bottom of the page:

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