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Return an Order

In the event an item is damaged, defective, incorrect etc., contact the Supplier and ask them to arrange a product return. If the item has been invoiced, ask them to submit a Credit Memo through uSOURCE.

Note: if the Purchase Order total is more than $5,000 (before tax), see Return an Order ($5,000+).

Cancel Line Item

If you are not expecting a replacement, send a request to the uSOURCE Help Desk to cancel the item to release the committed funds.

  1. Click on the Purchase Order link, and select Add Comment from the drop-down menu.
  2. Add the uSOURCE Help Desk email address to the comment by clicking Add recipient.
  3. A User Search window will appear. In the User Name field, enter uSOURCE, press Search. The uSOURCE Help Desk should appear. Click the + icon. In the text area, enter the nature of the request (e.g. “Line 4 was returned to the Supplier. Please cancel to release the committed funds.”). To finish, click Add Comment.

The comment will be added to the PO, and a notification will be sent to the uSOURCE Help Desk to process your request.