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Travel and Hospitality

Travel Policy

Please consult the Travel Policy in the Guide To Financial Management (GTFM) for detailed information on the University of Toronto’s travel policy and allowable expenses.

Approved Suppliers for Travel and Hospitality

U of T employees receive special rates for car rentals and hotels, and discounts on Via Rail and UP Express tickets.

For more information see Car Rentals, Hotels, and Train Travel.

Travel and Hospitality Card (TCard)

The University has a corporate travel card agreement with American Express. The Travel and Hospitality (TCard) card is available to full-time employees upon approval of the Principal, Dean, Academic Director or Department Head, providing employees with a wide variety of travel insurance benefits including flight and baggage delay, car rental theft and damage, and hotel/motel burglary compensation.

The TCard should only be used for U of T business purposes for travel and hospitality related expenditures. The Cardholder is liable for all payments to AMEX Bank of Canada, including late payment charges.

If a staff or faculty member leaves the University, it is the Department’s responsibility to notify Procurement Services for the purpose of cancelling the TCard. Failure to do so may result in outstanding cardholder transactions charged back to the Department.

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Apply for a TCard

Download the AMEX Travel Card Request form. Fill out all the mandatory fields on the form and acquire authorization signatures. All applicants must provide a current University of Toronto address to which cards and related statements will be mailed. Send completed form to purchasing.help@utoronto.ca. Your AMEX Travel Card will be mailed directly from American Express to the department address within 5 -10 business days.

Changes to a TCard

Cardholder must contact American Express customer service (1-800-668-AMEX) regarding any changes to their account (name, billing address etc.). For 24/7 online access: www.americanexpress.ca/myaccount.

Expiring TCard

Cards are valid up until the last day of the expiration month. American Express will mail the new card directly to the card holder. If the new card is not received by expiry date, contact AMEX at 1-800-668-AMEX. All cardholders must provide a current University of Toronto address to which cards and related statements will be mailed.

Note: cut and dispose of expired cards.

Inactive TCards

As a security measure, AMEX will cancel all Corporate Travel Cards that show no activity after a twelve month period. If you plan to incur any travel related business expenses and you have not used your card recently, contact the Campus Card Coordinator at purchasing.help@utoronto.ca to make sure your card is still active.

If your card was cancelled, you can reapply for a new card.

Note: all applicants must provide a current University of Toronto address to which cards and related statements will be mailed.

Delinquent Accounts

Contact Procurement Services at purchasing.help@utoronto.ca.

Billing Inquiries

Contact American Express Customer Service at 1-800-668-AMEX. Customer service representatives are available 24/7. All customer service numbers are provided on the back of your AMEX Travel Card or on your monthly billing statements. To sign up with American Express for online access: americanexpress.ca/myaccount.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to American Express:

Toronto: 905-474-9280
Canada: 1-800-268-9824
USA and Caribbean: 1-800-528-4800
Other areas: contact the local American Express Travel Service Office

Insurance Information

Travel insurance benefits include:

  • Flight Delay
  • Baggage Delay
  • Hotel/Motel Burglary
  • Car Rental

Contact American Express:

Canada & USA: 1-800-243-0198
Outside Canada & USA: 905-475-4822 (call collect)

Charge Dispute

Contact AMEX at 1-800-668-AMEX.


  1. Download AMEX Travel Card Cancel form
  2. Complete the card holder information
  3. Mark the type of disposition for the card
  4. Send completed form to purchasing.help@utoronto.ca with AMEX CANCEL in the subject line.

Expense Reimbursements

An expense reimbursement should be submitted once the travel has been completed. TCard arrangements with American Express allow 45 days from statement due date to settle an account before interest charges are levied providing ample time to process a reimbursement request. This is the most cost effective method of financing University travel.

For complete details on travel reimbursement procedures, please refer to the University of Toronto’s Travel Policy.

TCard Payments Through FIS

When creating an accounts payable invoice document to vendor number 103050 for Amex, please be sure to include the complete card number in the reference document field.

The complete card number should be entered with no spaces or hyphens. No other information should be included in the reference field.

Please keep the following milestones in mind to ensure payment is received and processed by Amex before the end of the 45 day grace period.

  • Your department should review and enter invoices into the financial system immediately. If payment is not entered within 29 days of the Amex statement date, the payment may arrive late.
  • Cheques are cut only on Wednesdays. Allow up to 7 days for cheque creation.
  • Allow 5 to 9 days from the cheque run date, for Amex to receive the payment and apply it to the cardholder’s account.
Note: If paying AMEX bills directly on behalf of the cardholder, it is the department’s responsibility to ensure payments reach AMEX and are applied correctly to the cardholder’s account.