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Is shipping free for uSOURCE orders?

For most uSOURCE orders, shipping is free. However, some suppliers will add additional charges depending on the order amount and type of product or service. The additional charges will be provided by email once the purchase order has been confirmed.

  • Prior to ordering, if you would like more information on any potential charges, contact the supplier.
  • If you have placed the order but wish to cancel, contact the supplier immediately and cancel the order.
Supplier Minimum Order
Products/Services with Additional Charges
$200 Dangerous goods
Dangerous goods, export licences, veterinary certificates
$150 Dry ice, refrigerated goods, dangerous goods
$150 Dry ice, dangerous goods
$500 Dry ice, dangerous goods
Oversized items and specialized deliveries
Large furniture and equipment and special order items

*Before tax

Last Updated:  December 8, 2020