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Contact uSOURCE Help Desk via Comment

You can add a comment to any order document in uSOURCE (i.e. Requisition, Purchase Order, Receipt, and Invoice). This feature can be used to send a Help Desk request directly through the system.

To contact the uSOURCE Help Desk via Comment:

  1. Open the document, then from the Available Actions drop-down, click the Go button next to Add Comment.
  2. Add the uSOURCE Help Desk email address to the comment by clicking add email recipient.
  3. A User Search window will appear. In the User Name field, enter uSOURCE, press Search. The uSOURCE Help Desk should appear. Click the select link. In the text area, enter the nature of the request (e.g. “Line 4 was returned to the Supplier. Please cancel to release the committed funds.”). To finish, click Add Comment.

The comment will be added to the PO, and an email will be sent to the uSOURCE Help Desk.

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