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Changing the G/L Assignment

uSOURCE automatically assigns the General Ledger code (G/L) to every line item based on its UNSPSC code. However, you can change the G/L Account Assignment on the Requisition:

  1. Open the Requisition document on the Summary > General tab. Scroll down to the line item details section, and click the edit (pencil) icon for G/L Account Assignment.
  2. The Overide Line: GL Account pop‐up window will appear. You can enter the new G/L value directly, and press Save.
    1. Or to search for a G/L, click the search (magnify) icon.
    2. You can search by G/L value (1), or by description (2). To select a G/L, click the + icon (3).
  3. To have this G/L assignment copied to other line items, click the copy icon.

Last Updated:  December 1, 2021