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Approving a Requisition

When a Requisition is submitted and requires your approval, you will receive an email notification. The email will contain a link to open the Requisition in uSOURCE.

You can also access your pending approvals by going to Orders > Approvals > Requisitions to Approve.

Quick Approval Process

If you don’t need to review the Requisition details before approving, click the check box, and from the Select an action menu select Approve/Complete.

Standard Approval Process

For standard approvals, the Approver opens the Requisition, reviews the details, and then approves the order.

  1. Open the Requisition by clicking on the Requisition No. link.
  2. After you’ve reviewed the order and are ready to approve, select Approve from the menu (top right).

See also: Approving via Email

Last Updated:  February 24, 2023