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Saving and Exporting Document Searches

After you’ve performed a document search in uSOURCE, you can save it as a favourite for later use. You can also export the results to Excel.

Creating Search Favourites

  1. First perform the search you wish to save. Then click the Save New Search button.
  2. Name the search (1), and if necessary add description (2). Create a new destination folder (3), or use an existing one (4). When you’re ready, click the Save button.

Run a Saved Search

To run an existing saved search:

  1. Go to: Documents > Document Search > View Saved Searches
  2. To run the search, click on the hyperlinked name of the search, or the Go button to the right.

Exporting a Search

You can export your results as a CSV file:

  1. Click the Export button, then provide a File Name, and Description (optional). From the drop-down, select the type of export:
    1. Screen Export (brief summary)
    2. Transaction Export (more level of detail, including user names and email addresses)
    3. Full Export (all order data)
  2. To view the results, click the Go to Page: Download Export files button. You can also access all your recent exports here: Documents >Document Search >Download Export Files.
  3. Click on the File Name link to open a zip folder which contains export files of the results.

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