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Approved Suppliers

AS_seal2Procurement Services, on behalf of the University of Toronto, has entered into competitively procured agreements with suppliers of various standard goods and services. Where a negotiated agreement is in place, the supplier enjoys “Approved Supplier” status at the University.

To Order Goods and Services

Agreements are in place covering a range of goods and services as listed alphabetically by category on the left navigation bar.

Benefits of Using Approved Suppliers

Approved Suppliers provide competitive pricing and discounts, and a variety of options to reduce overall cost to the University. Many waive their shipping fees and provide enhanced warranty and customer service levels. Approved Suppliers have agreed to set Terms and Conditions, making the ordering process more convenient, efficient and expeditious. Purchasing from Approved Suppliers may eliminate the requirement of obtaining additional quotations (as per established thresholds). Approved Supplier agreements add the security of knowing all are compliant with University of Toronto procurement policy.

Competitive Procurement Process

Approved Suppliers are selected from either an Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) agreement, an Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) agreement, other agreements open to Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations, or agreements resulting from a University of Toronto-led competitive procurement process.

U of T – led competitive procurements are also publicly posted in a fair, open and transparent manner. Teams composed of Faculty and Staff from across the University are involved in evaluating proposals received as part of the competitive procurement process. Proposals representing the best quality and range of products, level of customer service, delivery, and potential cost savings are selected to become University of Toronto Approved Suppliers.

See also: Approved Supplier FAQ.