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Vendor Account Management

The Vendor Master stores information on suppliers with which the University of Toronto conducts business . Each supplier has a vendor master record (i.e. vendor account), a requirement for issuing payment through the University’s Financial Information System (FIS).

New Vendor Accounts

A new vendor account should be setup in FIS when:

  • U of T department identifies the need for a vendor account when no account exists and a Purchase Order or Invoice payment must be issued
  • Existing vendor account requires payment in a different currency
To download the form, see New Supplier Account Request.

Changes to Existing Accounts

To request changes to an existing vendor account, email purchasing.help@utoronto.ca with the vendor number and one of the following attached:

  • request to change the address from the supplier on their letterhead
  • email from the supplier requesting a change of address
  • screenshot of the supplier’s website showing the updated address