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Statements and Reports

The following statements and reports will be made available to departments and may be enhanced from time to time:

Cardholder Monthly Statement

Similar to a credit card statement and used to reconcile vouchers, packing slips and to provide an audit trail.

Account Statement Report

The Account Statement Report (formerly the Central Billing Report) provides a summary of the transactions of all departmental PCards over the course of a cycle period. This report should be used to reconcile cardholder transactions on a monthly basis.

Account Management Report

The Account Management Report provides a summary of all the PCards within a DCC’s respective department along with their associated monthly credit limits and FIS accounting information.

Transaction Summary Report

The Transaction Summary Report provides DCC’s with a transaction summary for a particular cardholder in their department.

Non-Posted Transactions Report

The Non-Posted Transactions Report provides DCC’s with visibility into their cardholders declined transactions (e.g. exceeded monthly or transaction limits, prohibited merchant category, etc.).