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Rejecting a Requisition

When a Requisition is submitted for your approval, you can reject the entire Requisition, or reject specific line items before it is approved.

Reject the Entire Requisition

  1. Open the Requisition. Click on the Requisition link and select Reject Requisition from the drop-down menu (1), or simply click the Reject button in the Pending section (2).
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the reason, and click the Reject Requisition button.
  3. The Requisition will be cancelled and no further changes can be made.

Reject Specific Line Items

You also have the option of rejecting specific line items.

  1. Scroll down to the Item Details section, select the items you want to reject, click on the arrow icon, and from the drop-down menu select Reject Selected Items.
  2. Enter a reason for rejecting the item(s), and press the OK.
  3. After the Requisition is approved, only the remaining line items will be included on the Purchase Order.