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Shopping in UShop


UShop is an internet based shopping system. Through UShop, departments can purchase supplies and equipment from contracted vendors and charge the costs directly to their University of Toronto accounts.  

The University of Toronto’s purchasing policy requires that you obtain at least two quotations and issue a Purchase Order or written agreement for all purchases exceeding $5,000. However, when you shop using UShop, a Purchase Order is always issued for your purchase, and the requirement for quotations is waived. Therefore, purchases in any amount up to $25,000 can be placed through UShop with no additional documentation and no special procedures. If you order value is greater than $25,000, please refer to our guide UShop Orders Exceeding $25,000 for instructions.

This reference guide provides instructions for shopping in UShop. You must be a registered UShop user to access this tool. If you do not have a UShop user ID and password, please register.

Log in

To use UShop, please go to

Enter your user name and password, and click .                                                                                          

Step 1 – Select Goods/Service

Click on ‘Shop’ from either the main screen or the menu on the left hand side. For more information about the menu items and what they do, please review the UShop Basics Reference Guide.

  1. Review the list of companies and the products that they sell. To view a product catalogue, click on the company’s name.  A new browser window will open with the product catalogue. The catalogue is created and maintained by the vendor, and each will have a unique look and feel; however the basic functions are similar. Feel free to contact vendors with your comments regarding the usability or appearance of their catalogues.

  2. Browse the catalogue, selecting the item(s) that you want to purchase.

  3. For each item that you want to order, enter the quantity in the box and ‘Add’ to the Shopping Cart or basket.  Continue to add items until you have completed your shopping list.

  4. Once you are finished shopping, click on ‘Checkout’. Some catalogues will return you directly to UShop. Other catalogues will have an option to ‘Return to UShop’ after the ‘Checkout’ button. Click on this button to return to UShop. The browser window for the vendor catalogue will close, and all the items in your shopping cart or basket will be transferred automatically to UShop.

Step 2 – Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart will now be displayed on the main screen.

Button Description
Click on this icon to access the detail tabs, including the cost assignment and tax code information. Detailed instructions on updating the cost assignment and tax code are provided below.
The copy icon will allow you to create an exact copy of an item.
The delete button is used to permanently delete an item from your shopping cart.
Updates all details based on your changes.
Checks for funds availability and any warnings or errors in the shopping cart. All messages will appear in the top of the screen in an orange band. Messages that appear with a yellow triangle are for your information, and will not prevent the completion of your order. Messages that appear with a red or orange square are errors that must be corrected before your order can be completed.
If you would like to continue shopping, click on this button and you will be returned to the ‘Select Goods/Services’ screen.  You can now select any vendor and go shopping. Any new items purchased will be automatically added to this cart. A separate purchase order will be issued to each vendor.
When you are satisfied with the information and are ready to create your purchase order(s), click on this button.

If you are finished shopping and want the items in this cart to be charged to your ‘default’ accounts, with the ‘default’ tax code, please click to move to the next screen and go to Step 3 of these instructions. During the registration process, you would have provided a ‘default’ account and tax code. 

Basic Data Tab (Tax Code Change)

To change the tax code, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on for the item you want to change the tax code for. The system will open the ‘Item Details’ section.

  2. Scroll down and click on the triangle next to ‘Basic Data’.

  3. Click on the ‘Tax Code’ drop down box and select the appropriate code from the list.

  4. To change the tax code for multiple items, scroll back to the top and select the next item from the list.

When you are finished changing the tax codes, you can either follow the instructions below to change the cost assignment, or click on and go to Step 3.

Assigning the cost of your purchase to the correct University of Toronto accounts

With UShop, you can specify the account information that describes how you will pay for your purchase.

If your UShop account already permits you to purchase using different accounts, you can choose between them by following the steps below:

Changing Account Assignment

  1. Click on for the first item.  The system will open the ‘Item Details’ section.

  2. Scroll down and click on the triangle next to ‘Cost Assignment’ . You will see the Account Assignment Overview.

  3. Scroll to the right in the account assignment area and click on the to view the funds centre, fund, and commitment item information. The system will provide you with the following screen.

  4. To change the Cost Center/ Funds Center and/or Fund, click on the appropriate drop down menu and select the appropriate account from the list of options. Depending on your account configuration, you also may be able to type some of the account information directly into the appropriate fields.

  5. When you are finished, click on ‘Back to Account Assignment Overview’ link located on the top right hand side to return to the main screen.

  6. When you are finished changing the account assignment, you can either follow the instructions below to change multiple cost assignments, or click on and go to Step 3.

  7. If you have multiple items in your cart that will be charged to different accounts, please scroll up to the shopping cart and select the next item by clicking on for that item and repeat the steps above.

However, if the multiple items will be charged to the same account assignment, please follow the steps below:

Multiple Account Assignment Change

First, complete the steps required to set the Account assignment for one of the items in your shopping cart, following the instructions given in the ‘Changing Account Assignment’ section above. Then, complete the following three steps:

  1. Once you have completed the update of the account assignments for one item, ensure that you have the following view. Note that the Fund, Fund Center, Commitment Item, and Controlling area are absent from this view. If you still see these details, click on ‘Back to Account Assignment Overview’ located on the top right hand side of the Cost Assignment section.

  2. Click on , which is located directly below the account assignment details. A pop up box will appear directly below this section. 

  3. Click the check box for ‘Change all items in this document.’

  4. Click on .

  5. The screen will ‘flash’ and all the account assignments for every item in your cart have been updated to the accounts entered for this item. This function will allow you to quickly modify the account assignments for all items in your shopping cart to match the one that you modified directly.

  6. Please click on and go to Step 3.

Step 3 – Complete and Order


Text Description

Name of Shopping Cart

This automatically defaults to your user ID, the date and the time the cart was created. This name can be changed for easier searching. The shopping cart name is displayed only in UShop.

Notes for Approval

If your order requires approvals, you can place a note here that will be seen by the approver(s). Some common notes include the recipient, project name or other details. This information is displayed only within UShop.

Approval Preview

To preview the approval workflow for this shopping cart, click on this item. The approver(s) listed here depend on the fund centre(s) used and the approval dollar limits created when you or your department set up the fund centre for use in UShop. The preview function also allows you to add a UShop user as an approver for this cart. This process is used for shopping carts over $25,000, which must be approved by Procurement Services, in accordance with Purchasing Policy. For more information on this process, please click here.


This option gives a one line summary of the value of the shopping cart, the total expense budget for the funds center, the amount of funds reserved for this cart and a graphic image of the ‘credit limit used.’ Please note that the budget value shown is the entire expense budget for the funds center, and is not limited to just UShop purchases.

To check funds availability, click on this button. If there are any errors or warning messages, they will be displayed immediately. You can then your cart until they are resolved. Do not hold a shopping cart for more than a few days. Any changes in item availability that occur while your shopping cart is held may lead to problems in placing your order.

If you are not ready to create the purchase order, due to a temporary problem, such as funds availability, click on this button.

If you need to change the account assignment before submitting your cart, click on this button to return to the previous screen.

When you are ready to create your purchase order, click here.


  1. You can change the ‘Name of Shopping Cart’ if you like. This information does not go to the vendor and is not the number that is posted in the finance system.

  2. Notes for Approval:  If you are not the approver, and would like to enter a note, please do so here. This information does not go to the vendor and is not posted in the finance system.

  3. When you are satisfied with your order, click on .

The screen above will appear when the shopping cart has been completed. Note that you can view your shopping cart any time by logging back in to UShop and using “Check Status”. You do not need to print or retain a copy of this document since it is stored electronically in the UShop system.


You have successfully completed your shopping!  If approvals are required for this cart, an email notification will be automatically sent to the approvers. A purchase order is created when any necessary approvals are completed, after which the order is transmitted to the vendor, typically within a few minutes.  You can click on ‘Check Status’ from this screen or from the main UShop page to access details about your order that include its progress through the approvals process and the purchase order number. For more information on the Check Status function, please click here.

Once the purchase order is sent to the vendor, they will complete the order and ship it directly to the address listed in your UShop profile. Upon receipt, you will need to complete a goods receipt. The goods receipt is an essential part of the purchasing process and UShop will not pay a vendor invoice for an order that you have not confirmed as ‘received’ in the UShop system. For instructions on processing a goods receipt, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact