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uSOURCE User Roles

The table below describes each of the user roles in uSOURCE. Depending on your department’s business process and the responsibilities of individual staff and faculty, users can be assigned one role, or a combination of roles (e.g. Requisitioner/Approver).

Role System Permissions
  • View all supplier catalogues available in uSOURCE
  • Create, update, edit and withdraw their own shopping carts
  • Share shopping carts
  • Add notes and attachments to shopping carts
  • Assign shopping carts to a Requisitioner
  • Check the approval status of a Requisition
  • Receive an order (i.e. create a Goods Receipt)
  • Return an order (i.e. create a Return Receipt)
  • View all order documents (Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoices etc)
  • Review and update their user profile

Requisitioner-icon Same access as Shopper (e.g. can create a shopping cart), and:

  • Receive and review assigned carts
  • Add or change shipping addresses and accounting codes
  • Update cart information
  • Return/delete a cart
  • Submit carts to approval workflow; if authorized can self-approve their own order
  • Assign a substitute requisitioner
  • Create a shared cart group, for consolidated ordering by a group of Shoppers

  • Review, push back, approve or reject Purchase Requisitions routed to them through approval workflow
  • Approve via email
  • Assign a substitute Approver
  • Search for and view documents related to the Purchase Requisitions they have approved, including the Purchase Order, Goods Receipts and Invoices.

  • Receive and Return Orders (i.e. create Goods & Return Receipts)