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Non-Competitive Procurement

The procurement of goods, services, construction and renovation work at the University of Toronto is governed by its Procurement Policy, which includes the Code of Ethics and Approval Authority Schedule. It is applicable to all funding sources including operating, research, capital, ancillary and funds held in trust. To achieve and demonstrate value for money, the competitive procurement process should be used when acquiring goods, services and construction.

Non-competitive procurement may only be used in circumstances outlined in the exemption, exception or non-application clauses of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) or other legislation as introduced from time to time.

Justification Form

Prior to commencement of a non-competitive procurement, a Non-Competitive (Single/Sole Source) Procurement Justification form must be completed, retained by the local unit, and depending on campus and purchase amount, sent to Procurement Services:


Send to Procurement if greater than

Send to
St. George $25,000 purchasing.help@utoronto.ca
UTM $5,000 procurement.utm@utoronto.ca
UTSC $5,000 sbaker@utsc.utoronto.ca
Download the Non-Competitive (Single/Sole Source) Procurement Justification form pdf-icon