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Video Production

The contracts with the Approved Suppliers for this category will expire on May 31, 2018. Any purchases after this date must follow the University’s Procurement Policy. For more information, email purchasing.help@utoronto.ca.

The Approved Suppliers listed below have entered into an agreement with the University of Toronto to supply Video Production Services

Video Production Services include but are not limited to the equipment and processes required to create a final, packaged production complete with enhancements and effects as necessary.

How to Order

If inviting more than one supplier to bid on a project, all invited suppliers should have access to the same information during the quoting process. The specific quotation process will be conducted by email to the invited suppliers. All terms and conditions governing shall be set out in such email request for quotation documentation.

Units should review the Software and Video Production Software and Video Production User Guide before inviting suppliers to bid on a project. For projects with an estimated cost greater than $25,000, a second stage selection process must take place.

Threshold Purchasing Method
$0 – $24,999.99
  • 1 quote required
  • Create Department Purchase Order in FIS
$25,000 – $199,999.99
$200,000 +

Approved Suppliers

Supplier Contact Information
ClaricoGroup David Bajurny
Tel: 416-993-0733


Hyperactive-logo Alex Keyserlingk
613-727-0202 x24


keyframe-logo Bryan Peel
Tel: 1-844-434-9059


Stonehave-logo Michael Morein
Tel: 514-527-2131 ext 154