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How to Purchase Goods or Services

There are four methods of purchasing for goods in this category as vendor quotations are not a requirement. Options, in order of preference, are:
  • Use UShop
  • Use your departmental Purchasing Card
  • Issue a departmental purchase order
  • Place the order with the vendor and request an invoice for payment
  • Orders in this category require a minimum of two written quotations from qualified vendors.
  • Quotations must be attached to a copy of the purchase order and kept on file by the department. Oral quotes are accepted but not recommended by Procurement Services.
  • Any notes relevant to the oral quotation such as date received, vendor contact, and terms and conditions must also be kept on file for future reference.
  • Upon vendor selection a purchase order is issued by the appropriate person in your department or Buying Centre.
  • Goods or services exceeding $25,000 are considered high value purchases and therefore require a minimum of three written quotations from qualified vendors.
  • Departments are responsible for issuing a written invitation to suppliers (all suppliers must receive an identical invitation) requesting quotations.
  • Upon vendor selection, your department must enter a purchase requisition and fax all documentation to Procurement Services where it is reviewed and a purchase order created. Your purchase order will automatically print on your departmental printer, it is not necessary to request a fax copy.
  • For UofT Mississauga and UofT Scarborough, please forward the appropriate documentation to your Buying Centre. In some instances, the nature of your purchase may constitute the issuance of a Request for Proposal.
  • Please contact Procurement Services or your Buying Centre if you require assistance in determining the appropriate method of procurement for high value purchases.
  • Projects of this value require a public tendering process which may involve a Request for Proposal, Request for Information or Request for Expression of Interest depending on the nature of the procurement contemplated.
  • Due to the nature of purchases in this category, this acquisition process will be best accomplished by posting the requirement to an electronic bidding service such as Merx.
  • Procurements of this value must be referred to Procurement Services, the UofT Mississauga Buying Centre, or UofT Scarborough Buying Centre.
  • Goods or services in this category require a minimum of three written tenders or proposals (where available) from qualified vendors responding to an invitation to tender or request for proposal, prequalification statements may also be requested.
  • As purchase orders can only be issued by Procurement Services, please contact our department for assistance.
  • Generally for use in construction and maintenance projects, purchases of this value require a call for public tenders by the Procurement Services Department.
  • Public tendering may involve a prequalification statement call followed by invited tenders to qualified contractors.

To purchase goods or services at the University of Toronto, begin by determining the value of your purchase before tax is applied. The methods of purchasing and documentation required will vary and are determined by the value of the order. Please note that for UofT Mississauga and UofT Scarborough purchase orders are issued by the Buying Centre through the requisition process.