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  • Can graduate students register for UShop?
  • Graduate students can use UShop as purchasers. The Funds Center approval role cannot be provided to students, as this is not an appropriate delegation of authorization.

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  • Can I change the account and user information in my user profile?
  • An online  Change Form is available on the Procurement Services website that permits users to change any information provided on the registration form. You can add, delete, or update at your convenience.
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  • Help, I've forgotten my password and/or user id!
  • To request a forgotten user id or password a Help  button is available on the Ushop  homepage . Your login information will be emailed directly to you following receipt of your request.

    Note that three consecutive attempts to log in without the correct password will lock your UShop account. All locked accounts must be unlocked manually by Procurement Services. Obtaining a new password via the 'Help' link will not unlock a locked account. Please email . You will be informed when the unlock request is completed.

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  • How can I register for a UShop account?
  •  To register for a UShop account, please go to

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  • How do I approve a UShop order?
  • Fund centre owners are notified of orders pending approval through two methods:

    1. Email
    2. The user's Inbox in UShop

    Both methods provide the same functionality in permitting the user to complete a simple accept/reject of the order or ability to view/change the order in detail.
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  • How do I find my UShop order now that I have a packing slip?
  • To view your order and subsequently complete a receipt, login to UShop and choose Confirm Goods Receipt. Your outstanding orders should appear, if not simply change the selection criteria to display "All" in the period field and click Start.
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  • How do I know if my order has been sent to the vendor?
  • To check whether your order has been submitted or whether it's awaiting approval login to UShop and click Check Status:

    • Orders displayed as "approved" have been sent to the appropriate vendor.
    • Orders displayed as "awaiting approval" are waiting for FC owner approval and will be sent immediately following the owner's authorization.

    If a message immediately appears indicating that 'no shopping carts exist' click ok and change the selection criteria. To view outstanding orders choose "All" in the Period and Status fields and click "Go". All outstanding orders will be displayed along with their current status.

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  • How do I locate the PO number for my UShop order?
  • To find the PO number for your UShop order, locate the shopping cart using "Check Status".

    Once you've located the cart, click on the order name, then click the magnifying glass beside one of your items. Select "follow-on documents", which appears near the bottom of your screen. The PO is a document with a number starting with 35000. Do not include the forward slash or the digits that follow it as part of your PO number -- these denote only the line item number for the particular item you are viewing.

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  • I created my shopping cart and checked out but I can't find my order.
  • Your shopping cart is not complete until you click Order on the Ushop homepage. If you have checked out of the vendor's catalogue and created a Ushop shopping cart without clicking the order button then a purchase order was not created.
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  • I want to use UShop - How do I get started?
  • Please go to  to register for an account.

    Take a look at our brochure if you would like more information about UShop

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  • I'm responsible for goods receipts for several departments, can I do this using UShop?
  • Yes, UShop allows users to order and/or receive goods for multiple departments. To activate the delegated goods receipt functionality complete a  Unit FC Access Form and forward to Procurement Services.
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  • Is there a discount on my UShop order? Can I use vendor coupons or vouchers?
  • All pricing displayed in UShop is UofT specific and reflects centrally negotiated discounts. UShop offers you excellent prices and in many cases with UShop exclusive promotional discounts.
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  • The UShop registration form asks whether I'm a FC owner, what is that?
  • A fund centre owner is the individual in your department who is responsible  for authorizing purchases and indicated as such in the university's financial system. It could be a professor, department head, business officer or any similar position.
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  • What is an FIS or MROL ID?
  • An FIS (Financial Information System) or MROL (My Research On-Line) ID is the user name issued to you by AMS (Administrative Management System Department). This user identification is needed to access FIS, HRIS and MYOL. This ID is requested as part the registration process for UShop so that we can issue the same user ID in UShop to help minimize the number of user ID's.

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  • Who can be a Funds Center approver in UShop?
  • When a funds centre is set up for use in UShop, ‘Approval Rules’ are created that specify who will approve orders, and what purchase values will require such approval. When an order is placed, UShop compares the value of the order (before taxes) to the approval levels for the funds center being used. Orders that exceed the approval threshold will be automatically directed to the approver.  


    UShop approver should be the same person who is signs the annual 'Financial Accountability Reports' for the funds center and associated funds. This role can be delegated to another person within the department, similar to the 'Delegate Signing Authority' form for FIS transactions.  


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  • Why can't I login to UShop? I'm using the correct user id and password.
  • If you've attempted more than three unsuccessful logins then your user id may be locked or if your account has been inactive for a period of three months or more then your password may have expired. Please notify  Procurement Services and your access will be reset
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